Astronomy photos: best of 2011

January 2011

A bright storm erupted in Saturn's atmosphere.

  February 2011

The nucleus of Comet Tempel 1

 March 2011:


1,235 candidate exoplanets discovered by Kepler's space telescope

April 2011: 

Faint emission nebula IC 410

May 2011:

Where are the most distant spacecrafts?

June 2011:

The shuttle endeavour

A Last Landing for Space Shuttle Endeavour

July 2011:

Asteroid Vesta surface

The surface of asteroid Vesta

August 2011:

Galaxies cluster in Leo

Compact groups of galaxies Hickson 44 in Leo

September 2011:

Mars ice holes

Ice Holes on Mars

October 2011:

Mercury entire surface

The entire surface of the innermost planet Mercury

November 2011:  

Suns face

Features on the Sun's face

December 2011: 

Planet Kepler 22b

Planet Kepler 22b - the closest match to Earth


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