Do the UFO’s and aliens exist?

UFO’s mean Unidentified Flying Objects. Who or what is hiding behind the phenomenon of general interest and concern?
In essence, the UFO’s are flying or hanging, dropping or flying up, flickering or shiny, bright or dark events as a whole. Their form varies from saucer to cigar, and length from 1 m up to hundreds of meters. However, a necessary condition – the observer does not know their origin. Last twentieth century observers caught sight of such events much more often than ever before. Flying saucer was officially “born” in 1947, when the businessman Ken Arnold of the state of Idaho flying on a private plane over the mountains Cascade told he had seen nine radiant disks, flying close to each other at the speed of 1600 km/h. For the sake of justice it is worth mentioning that the first scientist, who thought of the existence of extraterrestrial worlds within the bounds of possibility, was Jordan Bruno (in 1600). He passed away for this and other courageous assumptions.

Trying to find out the UFO’s origin, people are usually distributed into two groups: skeptics and optimists. Skeptics explain all UFO’s as the wrong understanding of natural phenomena or technical factors (stars and planets, auroras, comets, high-flying weather research balloons, meteors, unusual weather events or unknown types of aircrafts). In particular, Venus, bolides, Chinese lanterns, or even lamp reflections in the sky often are a base for confusion. Moreover, these days, especially city dwellers navigate by the stars in the sky poorly (due to the high city light pollution). Much metropolitan population grew up having almost never seen a starry sky! Therefore, an unusual image, a scary dark night sky and even a fear can transform any object into the imaginary alien ship. This is reinforced by created alien flying saucer stereotype in various Hollywood films. give information on common nocturnal and daytime misidentifications.
Another group of people tends to associate almost all observed strange sky objects with visits of extraterrestrial beings. They collect information on sightings of objects that may be classified and even … interact with representatives of other civilizations.
It should be noted that the perception of the aliens is often quite subjective and dependent on personality of the interested person. Thinking this way the abundance of contradictory messages of every hue should no longer surprise.

It is therefore possible to identify a third group – people who are looking for the reasons of the UFO’s in human subconsciousness. This is what the famous psychoanalyst Gustav Jung said.
Here is an American scientist and writer Carl Sagan novel, where the aliens appear to be of a technological advantage, in addition, good-natured and self-collected teachers.
When American ex-pilot Gene Roddenberry shot legendary television series “Star Trek”, it was quite logical that the study of the universe was depicted as a grand adventure, while aliens just as boisterous adventurers.
The last century imperialist Cecil Rhodes thinking about ethereal realms had a new idea coming to his head: “The expansion is everything: if I could, I would annex planets.”
It is true that today’s fear it could happen just the opposite – extraterrestrial beings can try to conquer the Earth – is much more widespread. That’s Steven Spielberg originally shot unearthly beings in order to demonstrate the peaceful aliens seeking to get in touch with like minded nations of the Earth (earthlings) (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “E. T.”). Later on, his attitude changed – aliens to become aggressive conquerors („War of the Worlds”). Similarly, aggressive alien theme has been developed in the Roland Emmerich movie “Independence Day” and Tim Burton strange comedy “Mars Attacks!”
While the founder of scientology denomination L. Ron Hubbard (previously Sci-Fi novel writer) rabbits on the existence of extraterrestrial beings, it was little wonder that they occurred as spiritually superior important message advertisers.
With this abundance of opinions and attitudes the ufologists are continuing to publish their own journals and sheets, set up associations, but the existence of extraterrestrial beings is neither approved nor denied up till now. It is likely that the future science rather than the encounter will answer this question. Over 300 planets orbiting around other stars have already been discovered since the end of the twentieth century. Scientists will soon launch the investigation of not only giant planets, but also those of similar to our Earth size. Observers of flying saucers failed to provide any serious evidence to the science throughout the whole XX. Century.
Saulius Kanisauskas, former Vilnius planetarium director, published a book “UFO’s Phenomenon” with an attempt to codify the UFO’s in 2000. A list of 21 hypotheses has been established. Below you find it all. Read with an open mind, and decide for yourselves which hypothesis is the most faithfully at least so far:

1. Representatives of space civilizations;
2. Robots sent by other civilizations, as living beings can not overcome the interstellar distances;
3. Materialized holographic images sent from space civilizations;
4. Images referring directly to human consciousness (cosmic hallucinations);
5. Time machines;
6. Flying machines constructed by self-taught engineers;
7. Apparatus belonging to underwater or soil civilizations;
8. Robots left by ancient civilizations;
9. Apparatus from Shambhala land;
10. Guests from parallel worlds;
11. Plasma life forms (plasma are ionized gases – one of the substance states);
12. Ethereal (field) forms of life;
13. Paraphysical beings – modern folklore;
14. Divine beings, angels;
15. Evil spirit activity;
16. Astral manifestation in the physical world (occult hypothesis);
17. Mental hypothesis – collective subconscious manifestation of archetypes;
18. Psychophysical images due to the electromagnetic fields and other impact on human organism;
19. UFO’s are a counterfeit;
20. Natural phenomena;
21. Technical – weather probes, satellites or military equipment.

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