Interesting astronomy and space related Google maps locations

Now we all can travel across the world sitting on our chairs. Using Google Maps Street View application we can visit a lot of interesting places. Some of them are related to astronomy and space exploration!  Here you will find some of my favorite places. Enjoy your ride!

1. Top of launch pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, US. The site and its facilities were originally built for the Apollo program, and later modified to support Space Shuttle operations.

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2.  Arizona Meteor Crater (Canyon Diablo) was produced by a large meteorite 50 000 years ago. The crater is 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) in diameter and about 600 feet (180 metres) deep.

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3. Mauna Kea Observatories, Hawaii. The summit of the mountain hosts the world’s largest astronomical observatory, with 13 telescopes operated by astronomers from 11 countries.

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4. Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology.  The only museum of such character in the world. The essence of the Museum is the relationship of a mankind with the Cosmic World.

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Leave a comment and recommend your favorite Google Street View astronomical sites!

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